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private soccer training

At OnePercenter Athletics we pride ourselves in our soccer skills. Our trainers have competed themselves at the highest club, college, and semi-professional levels America has to offer. Many of which are still actively pursuing opportunities to play professionally. We say this so that you know our trainers are absolutely engulfed in soccer culture. We find purpose in helping the culture grow & strive here in Arizona. Coaches have represented Arizona at club level for various state championship clubs, national ranked colleges like Juco Phoenix College and D1 GCU, and semi pro FC Arizona. We promise intense and educational private training sessions that will make you a faster, stronger, more skillful player.

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Availability 6am - 9pm • Book your 1 hour Training Session

Open Availability for any session times not listed
Text/Call to Book 602-781-2441

Updated Weekly

1%ER Summer Training Camp 

Starts now



Single Soccer Session

1-Hour Soccer Session 

Training Price: $50

CHECK OUT LINK - Single Session

Age 5-6 Athlete

Age 7-8 Athlete

Age 9-11 Athlete

Age 12-13 Athlete

Age 13-18 Athlete 

Ask 1%ER Team for more details on SOCCER PACKAGES. 

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Soccer Package Session

SAVE 20% if you Pre Book 5 Sessions

Soccer Package includes (FIVE) 1-Hour Soccer Sessions. Sessions must be used within the month of purchase. 

Training Cost: $200


Summer Training Camp

2hr Daily Training Monday - Friday. Soccer, Strength, Skill, Game Play.

Training Cost: $350/week

MAX 9 Athletes per week. Must reserve in advance for priority booking. Starting April 29th


set up a session

Private Sessions are $50 an Hour. Small Group Discounts are applicable for Groups of 6+ Players.

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